Monday, December 5, 2011


The week before last, we traveled to Zionsville for Thanksgiving. It was wonderful to be able to visit with so many members of the Jacobs/Rodgers/Denny clan at once. I don't think Alice had one minute of boredom between all of the relatives that were eager to entertain her and all of the dogs that were practically begging to be terrorized. 


Grammy Karen had been baking and planning for weeks so that everything would be just right for the weekend.  Alice even had her own name card to direct her to her designated high chair for Thanksgiving dinner.

The cherry pie looks lovely, but the pumpkin also looks quite nice. What's a girl to do? 
We took advantage of the timing and celebrated Grandma Denny's birthday a little early on Friday night with an Italian feast.

There were rousing games of Quelf, Trivial Pursuit, and Mexican Train (I think that's what it was, and I think it was rousing; I was too busy eating Chex Mix to join in).


And there was pajama playtime out back too.  


All in all, it was a perfect holiday!

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