Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Homework #2

This week for photo class, our assignment was "hands". The instructor said that we could be as literal or as interpretive as we wanted.  For example, he said we could shoot the hands of a clock. Or, say, farm hands.  All the farm hands that pass through my house.  You know, I had been biding my time for a believable pretext to take their picture, but instead of bugging them to move around for the best light and all, I decided to just look around the house for a few inanimate objects that I thought would fit the bill.  I got enough photos to fulfill the assignment, when I noticed that these two pudgy, dimpled little hands had been busy that whole time drawing, dipping in macaroni, and making cheesy, inky fingerprints all over my wall. Who needs to get figurative, anyway?

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