Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dylan + The Gals

With Matt back in Denver and Jason on a weekend excursion with a friend, it was just Dylan and us ladies together last weekend.

Alice showed Dylan that tummy time could be made a lot more stimulating by adding in some Yo Gabba Gabba.

Vola and Alice had a special beach date, just the two of them, and Alice showed off how independent she can be with her new water wings.

Nonna impressed us with her multitasking skills, holding Dylan's attention while instructing Alice on the ingredients necessary to make a pretend spaghetti dinner out of legos.

Alice tapped into her inner mommy, spending a good thirty minutes bathing her Baby Dylan.  She made a special effort to vigorously clean the doll's eyes, a procedure that I hope no real baby will ever have to endure at her hands. {It should be noted, also, that upon closer inspection, Baby Dylan appears not to be a baby boy after all, but a baby girl, endowed with shockingly detailed and anatomically accurate bells and whistles.}

On Sunday night, just as I had put Alice to bed, the first booms of fireworks for a local festival went off.  The view from our apartment is unbeatable, so I rushed back into the room, told Alice that she was in for a big treat and scooped her up so that she could enjoy the fireworks too. Although she was half asleep and spent the whole show curled up on my lap on the balcony, I think she enjoyed it, because the first thing she said when I got her out of bed the next morning was "I big treat? More boom?"

We're all here until Thursday, and are now focusing our efforts on achieving the most satisfying balance of gelato-beach-relaxation before beginning the loooong trip back. Ever since Matt left, Alice has been talking about how Matt will meet us at the er-port in Colorado; having him on the recieving end makes the prospect of leaving vacation so much better!