Wednesday, October 16, 2013

On Two Feet

I went away for the weekend and returned to this new development:

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Last Two Months

I just haven't seemed to find the time to post over the last two months.  I guess I was just too busy doing other things.  Important things. Things like watching seasons 1-4 of Parenthood. (FYI, I just checked how many episodes that is.  It's sixty-eight. Does it make it better if I tell you that I was watching while doing other things like folding laundry or cleaning the kitchen or drinking wine?) 

In any case, I thought that I'd just do a quick little summary of what we've been up to in the hopes that this catch-up post will remedy my blog lethargy of late.  So, what you should know about the last few months is the following:

We visited a farm and made friends with some goats and two cows, Roxy and Luna.


The girls and I joined another mother/girl child/younger girl child combo for a day trip to Half Moon Bay.

We celebrated Erin and J.P.'s wedding in Indianapolis.

The girls and I spent two weeks at my Mom's house, and Cousin D and Vola joined us for part of the time.

We caught up with dear friends.

We hit the splash pad, but forgot bathing suits the first day.

[When you're at a loss for the perfect way to make a first impression, why not try the Surprise Upright Spoon Maneuver? Works even better in a wet bathing suit! The kid in the stroller is taking notes.]

We visited the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and Air and Space Museum.

From DC, we headed up to Massachusetts, where we were reunited with Matt for the wedding of Jeff and Julia.   Alice had the honor of serving as their flower girl.  I entrusted the photography to the pros that day, so am sorry to say that don't have any of my own photos.

Once we got back to California, Alice jumped right into the routine of preschool.  So far, she's loving every minute of it.

And that, my friends, takes care of August and September!