Monday, February 4, 2013


Cousin Dylan came to play. 

He knows how to par-tay.

He brought his mom too. 

She brought cookies, made chili, and entertained the babes (and me).


One day, while Dylan was napping and Joanna was busy playing online poker, Alice and I played outside in the snow with a fun new toy: a snow marker given to her by Aunt Erin and (soon-to-be-officially-Uncle) J.P.

She got a real kick out of coloring the snow orange. 

Then we came inside and made snow pudding.

Snow pudding is a subtle, refreshing dessert of freshly fallen snow combined with confectioners sugar, a few drops of purple food coloring and year-old Valentines themed sprinkles. 

Vola and Dylan have left, meaning that we are now fully, officially on our own with these two sweet children.