Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tales From the Nursery + A Few Snapshots

I sit on the bed in Alice's room, nursing Sam.  Alice sits next to me, nursing her doll Bluey (who also  sometimes goes by the alias "Purpley").  Joanna squirms on the floor, nursing Baby Dylan (the doll, obviously).

From the bed, drones a never-ending stream-of-conciousness chatter: "Mom, there is a fairy named Sunflower Fairy and her power is the light and, oh!, remember that time Dad made that funny joke about apple juice instead of flower nectar? [much laughter] Can we have a book club togedder? We just need to get some snacks. See? All my fairies are mixed and matched but is tonight a movie night? Girls' bottoms look like peaches but without the stems and I decided that I have four names now just like you so I'm Alice Rose FLOWER Jacobs I just decided that so let's have a conversation togedder."

Every so often, from down below, a wild bellow: "FEED! BAYBEEE! NAP!" as Joanna drags Baby Dylan around by his arm and chucks him into the play cradle with the care and coordination of a drunken... I don't know. What's something clumsy and not at all gentle? A hedgehog? An ogre? A toddler?

And, with that, here are some snapshots of what else we've been up to lately, other than group nursing sessions.

Should I have been saying something like, "We stay inside our cribs, Joanna," instead of, "That's the ticket! Climb out for the camera! Right over the top, Jo! Now pause at the top for the money shot!"?

Perhaps, in retrospect, yes. 

Here, Joanna sports the latest trend in toddler hemlines: short shorts, long diaper. 

Every time. 

Nope, this didn't end badly at all. 

Never mind.  It did.  

I don't even remember why she was crying. Because her ice melted? She was surprised because she didn't expect the water to be wet? She wanted to drink the tea but only realized that after she dumped it out? She thought sweet tea was an inappropriate drink for a twenty-month-old? I wouldn't let her hold my camera? So many possibilities.

"Taking pictures is just ANNOYING!"

Why, yes, that is a brown tooth. The dentist was also confused as to how we never noticed that she hit it hard enough to bruise the tooth, but the good news is that he said it would probably stay that way until it falls out in a few years, but it's actually already starting to turn back to normal. I wonder what other dental advice we can disregard.

"I said no pictures."

Well, look at that! Three posts in one month.  And this one only took me three days to put together.  Hold on to your hats!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Beach Days

Matt took off from work this past Thursday and Friday, so we took advantage of the four day weekend to take two trips to the beach.  On Thursday we visited Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz, and then yesterday we met up with some friends at Half Moon Bay State Beach.

Sometimes, big outings with the kids feel like more trouble than they're worth: packing up all the gear, fielding Alice's inevitable and endless requests for in-car entertainment in the form of "stories from my mouth," cleaning up from Joanna's occasional motion sickness, ignoring Joanna's frequent, loud, and insistent demands for a dropped lovey or shoe, and timing travel around Sam's unpredictable nursing needs all sometimes make Matt and me look at each other and wonder why we even bothered leaving the house.  But, these two trips were definitely worth the effort and car time.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Easing Back In

I'm hoping that now that I'm neither pregnant nor packing-unpacking-repacking-unpacking, I'll be posting here more often.  I'm a little out of practice, so bear with me as I ease back in with some photos I took the other day at the San Jose Rose Garden and later at home.