Sunday, August 24, 2014

Beach Days

Matt took off from work this past Thursday and Friday, so we took advantage of the four day weekend to take two trips to the beach.  On Thursday we visited Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz, and then yesterday we met up with some friends at Half Moon Bay State Beach.

Sometimes, big outings with the kids feel like more trouble than they're worth: packing up all the gear, fielding Alice's inevitable and endless requests for in-car entertainment in the form of "stories from my mouth," cleaning up from Joanna's occasional motion sickness, ignoring Joanna's frequent, loud, and insistent demands for a dropped lovey or shoe, and timing travel around Sam's unpredictable nursing needs all sometimes make Matt and me look at each other and wonder why we even bothered leaving the house.  But, these two trips were definitely worth the effort and car time.

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