Sunday, February 27, 2011

7 months...ish

Alice has been busy as a bee for the past few weeks.  Since Matt and I have too, and since there is something wrong with our computer making everything take twice as long as normal,  I offer you a string of non sequiturs and a few mostly unrelated photos. Enjoy!

Alice likes to eat. Sometimes she makes cookie monster eating noises when chewing.  I'd say that the level of table manners in our home has gone down significantly since Alice started eating with us. Entire baked sweet potatoes have disappeared in about 10 minutes after being sliced and placed before our little girl.

Our little bimba has proven that she really is 25% Italian by inhaling adult-sized portions of pureed veggie lasagna and happily gnawing on Parmesan rind.

She now pushes herself up onto her hands and knees, crawls backwards, and is this close to crawling forwards. This morning, when I went to get her from her nap, she was sitting up, so I guess she can pull herself to sitting now too!

We now no longer bother with kitchen sink baths. Alice takes a soak in the regular tub, and has more fun in there with a GladWare container labeled "chili" than I could have ever imagined would be possible.

She continues to spread her arms out and rotate her wrists over and over when excited or upset.

She loves to sit on the counter and "help" me cook (while I'm standing right there, of course).

She is no longer permitted to sit on the counter and help me cook, since she hurled herself off the couch and onto the floor the other day.

Alice now sleeps from 7pm until 6:30 or 7am.

Let me repeat that, in case it didn't make an impression the first time you read it.

She sleeps through the night. Sometimes for 12 hours. In a row.

Let's observe a moment of silence for that.


Alice hates the sound of the blender and the vacuum (luckily for her, she doesn't hear that last one too often), and she often starts to wail when one or the other is turned on, or when someone (hi, Mom!) laughs suddenly while on the phone, or when Matt drops the shampoo in the shower and makes a big noise.

The highlight of the day is always right before she goes to bed for the night, when she starts getting a little goofy from being sleepy. We can make her laugh hysterically by making buzzing noises and poking our finger in her belly at the same time. Do you think we should bring that back once she gets to high school?

Our little bookworm now looks at the pages of a book (especially Llama Llama Red Pajama) without immediately lunging for it to put in her mouth. She saves that part for the end.

And, finally, she continues to exhibit strong hacker tendencies.

 The end.