Sunday, November 20, 2011


This afternoon Matt and Alice very generously humored me by letting me drag them out into the front yard to take photos.  I wanted to kill two birds with one stone by taking a Christmas card photo and also completing this week's homework assignment for the photography class I'm taking.  Matt signed me up for the class as a birthday gift. Wasn't that thoughtful? Also, can you believe I'm not waiting 'til the last minute to do the homework? Boy, things have sure changed since my paper writing days.

Anyhow, here are some of the outtakes from today's shoot.  Don't think I'm going to spoil the fun by posting our Christmas card photo on the 'net.  You'll just have to wait for the snail mail for that (and for me to get organized enough to order them, address them, and send them out).

Assignment #1: Freezing motion

Assignment #2: Capturing blurred motion
Assignment # 3: Small depth of field (still working on this one)

We messed around for at least 45 minutes trying to get a good family photo using the self-timer.  Every time I got up to check the latest shot, Alice would get up too, so then I'd have to set the camera timer, sprint towards Matt, scoop up Alice, arrange myself in a figure-flattering beveled position, and then try to get Alice to look delighted rather than utterly confused all in time for the shutter to release.   After I uploaded the whole set of photos onto the computer to confirm my suspicion that none was passable, we headed back outside for round two (I told you that Matt and Alice were good sports about this).  Just as I was readjusting the camera (precariously teetering on top of our two living room poufs stacked one on top of the other), our neighbor passed by and took pity on us offered to help us out by taking a few.  Just a couple of snaps and a few "look, Alice, a squirrel"s later, and we had ourselves a photo in which all three of us were in the shot and looking at the camera.  Maybe next year we'll even get one of all of us smiling!

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  1. Your photo was adorable! Thanks for sending all the way to France!