Wednesday, November 9, 2011


{To be sung to the tune of "Oh my Darling, Clementine"}

Leaving Denver, on an airplane
With a suitcase stuffed with clothes,
Was a redhead with an iPad
And her daughter Alice Rose.

They watched Elmo, they had Pocky,
They ate the cookie that was free.
Then the airplane wheels descended:
They had landed in DC.

Mimi-Nonna, there to meet them,
Was as happy as a clam.
She'd made chili, she'd found diapers,
She'd bought crackers made of graham.

Curious Alice, kind of naughty,
Opened almost every drawer,
Found an ornament for Christmas,
Threw it right down on the floor.

Once they'd cleaned up all the glass shards
She continued to explore,
Seized a vial of scented oil
And she christened Marlie's floor.

In addition, while in DC,
Alice's vocab' continued to grow.
Now each time she's asked a question
The response is "no, no, no".

Smelling fragrant, on the East coast,
They had good times by the yard.
They took photos, lots of photos,
But there was no mem'ry card.

Much too quickly, came the flight home,
They had middle seat once more,
With the iPad playing Elmo
And a bag with snacks galore.

At the airport, back in Denver,
They kissed "Dada" on the cheeks.
Back to normal in their new home
'Til their next trip in two weeks.

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