Thursday, April 4, 2013


I'm posting this from my phone because our desktop is being held hostage by the bedbugs in our temporary apartment (which, for obvious reasons, turned out to be more temporary than we had planned). We move into our rental house tomorrow and we can't wait to have a bedroom door and more than two changes of clothes again. Don't feel too sorry for us though- we're being put up at a Residence Inn with free breakfast, housekeeping, and thrice weekly dinner. We're crying into our solo cups of free wine.

The girls and I have been exploring the area while Matt gets settled in at work. Alice was thrilled to learn that Matt now helps to create her beloved "Neckflicks." I have some real photos to share, but they're stuck on the camera until we get the computer set up in our new place.

Until then, below are some phone snapshots of our vagabond life of late.

Top grid, starting from the top left corner and moving clockwise: Alice feeling at home in the Neckflicks theater; princess shoes two sizes too large (only took about 30 minutes for her to trip down the steps in them); reading Berenstain Bears on Easter Sunday; pushing her bestie Dora on the swing; spa treatment; legwarmer baby - the eighties are back!

Bottom grid, going the same way: car nap, California style; pollen nose from sniffing every.single.flower in Mountain View; airport shenanigans en route to California; happy baby; sisters in sunlight; tallest gore in the wored.

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