Thursday, April 4, 2013

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Well, just one babe named Alice.

Licking/french kissing the wet staircase railing outside the hotel after a rain shower, while keeping one eye on me because, even though she's never specifically asked, she has a hunch that rail-licking is a no-no: "Mmmm! This water is so YUMMY!"

At the library: "I don't want to check out ANY books! I juss want to steal them. OKAAAAY?"

As the four of us are getting ready to leave the hotel: "Daddy! Mommy! Jojo! Awice! Togever we are... THE FAMIWY!"

At four in the morning, two hours into an awakeness bender, as I lie next to her in bed on the strict condition that she also lie down with her eyes closed. Eyes very energetically clamped shut and head aggressively pressed onto the pillow, she gropes around in the dark for my tangled, greasy ponytail. "I like your hairdo, Mommy. How did you do that?"

And, disgustingly:

Me: "Here's a tissue, sweetie. We don't play with our boogies."
Alice: "But I have to. It's my trick! I made a smile!"

Admiring her handiwork from a successful visit to the potty: "I made a nine!"

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