Monday, April 15, 2013

Cozy House

Thanks to Matt's parents, a.k.a. Grammy and Grampy, a.k.a. The Most Helpful People in the History of People (TMHPitHoP), we are very close to being settled in our new place. No, I didn't get any photos of their visit; I was too busy asking them to do things and not changing any diapers.


After a month and a half of transience, it feels really, really good to once again have a home we can deface with crayons and turn into an obstacle course of laundry piles and shoes.

Between (among, Mom?) the house we left behind in Denver, the temporary apartment, the bedbug exile at the Residence Inn, and now this new town house in Mountain View, Alice has become a little confused about what we mean when we tell her it's time to go home.


When we toured this place, we were charmed by a few small storage spaces that looked like the perfect spots to throw a few pillows and read a book.  Inspired by those nooks, we began calling this house "the cozy house."


Cozy is right - we have stuff that fit easily in our Denver home (and garage) stuffed into every possible corner (including those inviting storage spaces that looked perfect for snuggling with a book, unfortunately).  But, I'm hoping it also begins to feel like a cozy house because it's comfortable and comforting and homey.

I'll consider it a good start that we've only broken one window and one toilet, and only accidentally locked Joanna in her bedroom one time.  So far, so good!


  1. Can't wait to see the cozy house!

    1. Can you let me know if you get an email notification about this?