Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Visit from Nonna

Last week, my mom came in from DC for a visit. Unfortunately, a few days before her arrival, Alice threw herself down onto the corner of a footstool in a fit of rage and gave herself a black eye. Can't accuse us of trying too hard to impress visitors when we show up to the airport with a shiner on our toddler!

While my mom was here, we tried to be productive. We really did!


We were all set to spend a morning at the Botanic Gardens. We even pulled into the parking lot and pulled the stroller halfway out of the car.  But, then we noticed that Alice was conked out in the back so we just drove around town pointing out houses we liked and chatting while she slept. You should know that we definitely considered going back once Alice woke up, but by then it was lunchtime, you see, so we thought we'd better get lunch instead. For the child, of course. 

We spent an inordinate amount of time at Target and then at Target.com looking at sippy cups and patio furniture.  At Target, we rested in some patio chairs too, since we were tired from all the sippy cup selecting.

You should also know that we did have a whirlwind day of sophistication. In the morning, we hit the art museum and were deeply moved by the selection of items in the gift shop and the quality of coffee that the hungover barista produced for Mom. I think there was one room of art that spoke to us too. I think?


Then, that afternoon, we went out for a ladies' tea party.  Alice only spilled one cup of tea and stopped at sugar cube number ten while we were waiting for the snacks to arrive. 


It was exhausting! Why, we were so busy that we didn't even notice that Alice's black eye was all but cleared up by the time we dropped my mom off at the airport.

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