Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter, the Bunny

Alice woke up yesterday at a very civilized 9:00 to discover that the Easter Bunny (with lots of help from Great Grandma and Grandpa Denny and Grammy and Grampy) had paid her a visit.

She was mesmerized by the little bunny that squeaks when you push his nose and scurries around when you push his back. 

We had been talking up the Easter Bunny for a few days, so when Alice saw the toy bunny, her face lit up and she exclaimed "Easter!".  So, Alice has been scampering around the house following the little battery-operated bunny calling out, "Easter! Easter!".

Easter Mass found Matt and me taking turns at the back of the church with a very energetic Alice.  Matt reports that during one of his turns, while they were standing near the bathroom, a middle aged lady in her Easter's finest exited the restroom.  Alice pointed right at her and loudly announced "Poo Poo!".  According to Matt, she was kind enough to pretend she didn't hear, but he felt the need to mumble something to Alice about using bathroom words in public.

We were lucky enough to be invited to Easter lunch with some friends, so Alice got to participate in her first Easter egg hunt. She caught on right away, and with a few hints from us (i..e. standing right next to the egg, pointing to it and asking, "What this? Right here.  Is this an egg?!"), she picked up her fair share of candy-filled eggs.

All the excitement made for a looong, late nap for Alice, followed by two hot dogs and some snuggling with Easter, the bunny.


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