Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Mornings

Alice and I have established a morning ritual over the past few weeks.

I usually come downstairs to find her in her pajamas, sitting at the table with Matt, in front of a plate of breakfast that he has prepared for her. Usually, she's scraping the cream cheese off the top of a bagel with her teeth, anointing Matt's orange juice glass with peanut butter, or ignoring a plate of scrambled eggs.

I get out the blender, and Alice proclaims, "Shoobie!".

I get out frozen berries, yogurt, milk, honey, and even spinach (you can't taste it, I swear), and dump it into the blender.  Right before I push the button, Alice yells "Noishy! Noishy!"

By the time the noisy portion of the preparation is over, Alice is usually out of her high chair and observing the action up close.  She eagerly points to the two glasses I have set out, establishing which one is for her and which one is for me.

As I pour the smoothies, she reminds me, "Straw! Straw!".  I top each smoothie with a straw as Alice makes her way over to her preferred smoothie-drinking location: the second step of the staircase.

We both sit on the step enjoying our smoothies and reviewing over and over which is hers and which is mine. We drink for a while, as Matt finishes getting ready for work.  Every now and then, she picks up my glass, threatening to spill the smoothie all over both of us, brings the straw to my lips, and insists that I take a sip.

We say our goodbyes to Matt, and the split second he shuts the door behind him, Alice leaps up and runs to the window, pointing fervently and asking "Down?! Down?!".  I can't bear to correct her word usage when her request seems so urgent, so instead I lift her up to the window ledge so that she can wave energetically, shouting "Bye! Bye! Bye! Bye!" until Matt disappears from view.

Then she asks if there are any birdes.  Sometimes, just to keep things interesting, she points off to the empty sky or a patch of grass in our yard and yelps "Look! Look!", which is just as entertaining to me as if there were actually a bird there and not just her mimicking my reaction when I see one.

Then, I help her down and we get ready for the day.

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  1. Precious! I love hearing all about Alice's escapades! She is growing up SO fast!!!!