Monday, April 18, 2011

Public Service Announcement

Swim diapers do not contain The Wet.

That's right.

So even if you put one on your nine-month-old, underneath her pink polka dot bathing suit, that doesn't mean that the diaper will function like you might expect.

When, hypothetically speaking, you gather all your gear and your baby (who is happily guzzling eight ounces of formula) into the car and brave the rain so you can take your baby on her first ever visit to the indoor public pool, do not be lured into complacency.

And if, just for argument's sake, you get to the pool, feed the meter nine quarters, extract your baby from the car seat into the rain, and then realize that you forgot your ID so you can't go to the pool after all, don't expect the diaper to keep things dry and clean when you change plans and decide to go check out a thrift store in another part of town. Why would it? It's not like it says "diaper" on the package or anything.

Now you know.

If your baby is like mine though, she'll splash around in the bath that follows as if she were in the Caribbean, and then you'll wonder why you ever bothered with the swim diapers to begin with.

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  1. Those are awesome pictures! She looks so happy :)