Friday, September 17, 2010

Tummy Time

Alice is supposed to spend 15 minutes twice a day doing "tummy time" exercises in order to strengthen her neck and back muscles.  According to our pediatrician, Alice favors her right side a bit and doesn't turn towards the left as easily (that's right, she's not an ambiturner yet), which becomes very obvious during tummy time, when things usually go something like this: 

Starting off strong, with Alice practically holding her little head up on her own, though tilting to the right. 

Hello, pretty little bee. 

Still hanging in there, falling more to the right as she studies the bee.

Do you have any milk, or do you just do honey?
Teasing the bee.

Nani nani boo boo.  I hear the population of your species is dwindling. 

Getting frustrated.

Get out of my face, bee.  I'm trying to focus here.

Melting down as she realizes she's losing this battle.

This is all your fault, bee.

Reflecting on what went wrong. 

I knew I shouldn't have gotten tangled up with that bee. 


  1. She might not be an ambiturner yet, but I see a little Blue Steel in that fourth picture!

  2. Totally. If anyone's looking for a merbaby, I know where to find one....