Wednesday, September 29, 2010


After trying to get Alice to sleep for the last two and a half hours, during which we swaddled her, rocked her gently in the bedroom, rocked her more vigorously in the den, fed her three times, walked her around the apartment, pushed her back and forth in the stroller, took her for a slow stroll outside, played soothing music, sang lullabies, and, finally, in desperation, I actually covered her eyes with my hand in the hopes that would induce her to sleep, we gave up and just stuck her in the crib with the mobile on.  She is in there right now, kicking her legs like she's in a workout class, jabbering away at the three little mobile animals as if they're all at a networking event, and cracking herself up. She's cracking Matt and me up too, as we listen to her from the other room.  I guess sometimes a girl needs to have a little fun before she retires for the night.

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