Monday, September 27, 2010

Four Generations!

This past weekend, Alice was lucky enough to meet her Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Denny and to see her Grandma and Grandpa Jacobs for the first time since she was a week old.

After the proper introductions were made,

and Alice carefully studied the new faces, 

she decided that she liked her great grandparents, and we all relaxed and got down to business. 

Alice was kind enough to introduce Great Grandma Denny to her dear friend Sock Monkey. 

She explained to Grandma Jacobs some of the nuances of the Colts' offense. 

She developed an affinity for relaxing in Grandpa Jacobs' lap (if only he could come back to put her to sleep for every nap).

And, just to keep it real, she made sure that Great Grandpa Denny was familiar with the capacity of her lungs.

We adults had a great time during the visit as well, and even managed to fit in some sightseeing, a few board games, and lovely meals out in between cheek squeezing and baby gazing.

But, of course, Alice was the star of the show... 

Yoo hoo! Over here, please! Picture time, everyone!  Just look at the camera for a quick second!

Okay, you can resume admiring the baby now.

We can't wait to see everyone again at Thanksgiving!

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