Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Gang Was All Here

We've enjoyed nine relaxing days in Sestri Levante so far, together with my mom, Vola, Jason, and Dylan. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Matt early this morning, but I'm thinking that he'll find some way to entertain himself in Denver for another week or so without us.

It was Alice's first time meeting her cousin Dylan, and it was definitely love at first sight (for her; he, on the other hand, seems appropriately wary of her toddler-strength pats and squeezes).

My mom has been kind enough to offer her babysitting services for both children whenever we adults want to get out.  She reports that one night, after Vola, Jason, Matt, and I closed the door behind us and hurried off to drinks, Alice leaned over to Dylan on his playmat and said, "Don't worry, Dylan, your mommy will be back soon."

I die!

If this trip is any indication, Alice is going to be a great big sister.  Besides a few moments of jealousy while Matt and I were cooing over Dylan, she's been nothing but thrilled over the little guy.
And how could you not love this little face?

He's charmed all of us.

Besides giving lots of kisses to Baby D, Alice has been living the dream.

Ordering coffee perched on Nonna's hip.

Blowing bubbles by the sea.

Negotiating the cobblestones while pushing her stroller and her own Baby Dylan (no, I suppose we're not very inventive with names around here and yes, that's a dishrag blanket he's all snuggled up under).

Eating pastries for breakfast and gelato for snack.

And the beauty is that we have 8 more days!


  1. Awesome!! So glad you all are having fun. Too bad Matt had to leave. Great photos. We'll see you in Denver in September - yipee!

  2. What great photos of everyone! Enjoy the rest of your time there! Hugs and kisses to Alice!!