Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Getting Her Hair Did

Before her big birthday party, we decided it was time for Alice to get a legit haircut.  My attempts at trimming her bangs were no longer cutting the mustard and things were getting a little ratty. Mostly, I got tired of chasing after Alice while trying to hold on to a rubber band that was halfway around a pigtail, begging her to let me just finish tying her hair back so it wouldn't be in her face all day. I dreamed of the mythical hairdo that you don't have to maintain at all.

At the salon, the car chair proved just exciting enough to allow the hairdresser to do her job.

And although we didn't quite get an absolutely maintenance-free 'do, I don't think this one's too shabby!

Better run. Alice has woken up from her nap and I hear her chattering in her room. So far, I've heard "I gotta poop," "Eewie, dat's poopie," and "Mommy change it. It's yucky."

Any takers out there? 

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