Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trading Places

Saturday and Sunday were a bit of a Grilli-Jacobs-Wiethe family relay race:  Grammy Karen and Grampy Greg flew into Denver from Indianapolis on Saturday; the next day, after a quick Mother's Day lunch, I left Denver for Los Angeles in order to pay a visit to my precious new nephew, only missing my mom's departure from LA for DC by a few hours.  

As excited as I was to visit with the little guy and my sister and brother-in-law, I was worried about my plan to be away from Alice for a week. What if she missed me too darn much? What if she didn't sleep well without me in the room next door? What if . . . ?

After receiving daily updates from Matt and Karen, let's just say I feel foolish for ever having worried.  Not only does it seem that Alice is having the time of her life with her grandparents, I'm told that our garden has been weeded, mowed, and adorned with new flowers, delicious meals have been enjoyed each night, and Alice has even, ahem, made a non-liquid deposit in her potty for the first time.  

And, all the while, I've been enjoying snuggles with this sweet boy.

Watching him snooze and carry out very involved, multi-minute, full-body stretch fests.

Learning the tricks of the trade for changing a baby boy's diaper instead of a baby girl's.

Trying to be helpful, but figuring I may as well join in when baby and mommy decide that it's nap time. 

Remembering what it was like during those first few weeks of motherhood when you're exhausted and amazed and enamored and frustrated.

Trying to sound convincing when I say that it really does get easier and that in no time these few months will be a blurry memory. 

Marveling that despite the huge learning curve that comes with the territory of brand new motherhood, this new mommy is doing spectacularly, somehow managing to care for Dylan and still be good company for me at the same time.

Mostly, I've just been enjoying myself, relaxing knowing that my baby is happy and safe in Denver, and feeling grateful that this little peanut has joined the family. 

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