Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Ball Game

Before I tell you about our Memorial Day trip to the ballpark, here is one last shot I took in California of Matt with Dylan. Baby D looks pretty relaxed with Uncle Matt, don't you think? 

He'll learn...


Anyways, after a Memorial Day weekend of relaxing and barbecuing with neighbors, we spent today at Coors Field, rooting on the Rockies.

With the walk to the stadium (to avoid the hassle of parking and to give Alice a chance to take a cat nap in the stroller on the way), lunch downtown before the game, the game itself, the walk home, and the stop for frozen yogurt after, the outing took the whole darn day.


Alice was a most enthusiastic fan, clapping and shouting "yaaaaay" for every pitch (until she got distracted).


I made the mistake, when buying the tickets and selecting our seats, of not taking the blazing sun into account.  At a mile up, the sun can be seriously strong, and we knew it was too sunny to stay when Alice agreed to wear her sun hat, complained that her seat was too hot to sit on, and requested her sunglasses (which I forgot in the stroller we left at the entrance).


Luckily, the stadium wasn't full, so we snuck past the ushers in a shadier section and found ourselves some seats that didn't require any further sunscreen reapplications.


I forgot how entertaining live baseball games are: the cheering, the songs, the vendors shouting catchy slogans about peanuts and cotton candy, the snacks, the wave, the kissy cam. And there's usually a baseball game going on too, if you're into that. 

After every group cheer or song on the loudspeaker, Alice would join in the clapping just as the rest of us were about finished, and then beg, "Again? Again?"

She was mesmerized when the whole stadium stood to sing "God Bless America" and positively thrilled to discover that all 35,000 people at the game knew the words to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame", which she's been practicing for weeks in music class.

I think the part of the outing that made the biggest impression on Alice, unfortunately, was the ComfortDental(R) Tooth Trot in the middle of the sixth inning.  Three people, dressed in huge dental-hygene-related costumes (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and Tooth) raced eachother while 34,999 disinterested Rockies fans checked their email and went to get beers. One little lady in the shady section, however, is still talking about how Toothbrush completely outperformed 'Paste and Tooth today.


 We'll definitely be back to Coors Field this season. It was a perfect way to spend Memorial Day!

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