Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snow Day

This Denver weather is slippery. On Monday, it was 78 degrees and we were warm in jeans. This morning, we woke up to snow, and it's still coming down.

Matt decided to work from home today, and Alice and I had nowhere to be, so here we are, in the midst of our first official Denver snow-in.  I headed outside with Alice right after breakfast, thinking she would have a ball out there.  Surprisingly, she was quite wary of the white stuff.

She did seem interested in this new phenomenon, and kept pointing to the falling snow saying "buh-buh" (bubbles); however, she definitely didn't want to touch it. After a while she compromised by allowing some to fall on her from the safety of the porch.

Once Matt came out, she grew bolder, but the plastic bags that I insisted we put around her sneakers to keep her feet dry kept making her slip.

We decided that short intro was enough for the morning and headed back inside, settling into the bay window to watch the action from there.  As if on cue, the two little girls that live next door emerged from their house and put on the most convincing snow celebration routine I have ever seen.

They made snow angels and threw snow balls, fell backwards into the snow and jumped on piles of it, kicked it up into big snow clouds and shoved heaps of it into their mouths. All of this was carried out with the utmost excitement and punctuated by hoots, giggles, and screams.  Alice's interest was definitely piqued.

It was quite a display of the versatility of snow as play prop. 

Once they told us that they had a spare pair of boots in Alice's size, it was a done deal. 

We returned to the slightly damp heap of clothes by the door and replaced them layer by layer.  We put on the borrowed boots, tucked some tissues in our pocket for the inevitable cold weather nose drip, and faced the snow once again. This time, following the girls' example, Alice plopped right down and joined in the fun.

We definitely earned ourselves some hot chocolate today, and so did the girls next door!

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