Thursday, October 27, 2011

1 going on 13

There was this kid on my front porch the other day.  

She had pigtails

Trimmed bangs

A cell phone


And leopard print flats

Does anyone know what she did with my baby?

I think that this kid is the culprit that scribbled in both pen and crayon on the molding in the bathroom door frame. 

But not even she could have been naughty enough to drop 
one pink snowman sweater
one white cotton cardigan
one package of hair rubber bands
one shoe
six socks
one bathing suit
one bikini bottom
one inflatable water wing
into her dirty diaper pail, only to be discovered who-knows-how-many days later when it was time to change the bag, forcing her mother to dig through the mess to find everything.

That must have been another child altogether. 

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