Sunday, August 29, 2010


Being a baby isn't easy.  Luckily, Alice has already discovered a few ways to cope when she needs to escape from the stresses of infancy.

She unwinds by taking some "me time" in bed.
She takes a load off in the recliner after a long day.
She indulges in a spa treatment every now and then.

And she takes in some fine art to keep everything in perspective.

I don't think she's a fan of this last piece. 


  1. The recliner pose is my favorite!

  2. I know! She looks like a gangster!

  3. Totally -- that's the word that I was looking for!

  4. That recliner photo is hysterical. She looks like she is ready for football season - go, I meant Colts....oh wait.....Redskins? Hmmm......

  5. I know, Patty - she'll be so confused! Although if Matt has anything to do with it, it will be pretty clear who to root for...