Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It's amazing how quickly Alice has changed in the six short weeks since her birth.  

She is now 24 inches long and weighs 11.3 pounds.  We're told that's especially long for a baby of her age, and we can confirm that even some of her clothes in the 3 month size are a little short!

 I'm pretty sure these pants were not intended to be capris. 

Check out that double chin!

Also, her eyes are getting lighter, and am I crazy or has her hair developed just a touch of red?

Over the last week or so she has become a bit fussier: we've seen a lot of this face lately.

Often, holding her in our arms or putting her in the baby carrier or sling and walking around the apartment is the only way to get her settled, so our view of Alice looks a lot like this lately.

She is also becoming much more alert, social, and interactive.  She has discovered that her hands are good for sucking (see above) and that Dad can sometimes be pretty entertaining, like when he makes funny faces and squeezes her tummy...

or piles a bunch of his (clean) socks on her. That antic allowed us to capture, for the first time on film (er, memory card), a social smile (I promise, it's not just gas)!

We've been getting more and more of those lately, and they almost make us forget all about the lost sleep!


  1. I can't wait to see the social smile in person!

  2. And it's a stretch, but I'll agree that her hair looks a teeny tiny bit red :)

  3. She'll be a pro by the time you come in October!

  4. Oh, she is so adorable!!! Those sock photos are the best! I'm sure every day is amazing and fun (and sleepless).

  5. Definitely a touch of red! How fantastic! Also – she is such a fashion baby. Are those trompe l’oeil socks she’s wearing? xx Elisabeth F

  6. I'll keep you posted on the status of her gingerfication, Lizzie. Yes, those faux Mary Janes are very popular for baby girls these days. They're cute when I remember to put them on...