Monday, June 24, 2013

Adults Only

When we decided to move to California, I joked that priority #1 would be to find a place to live and priority #2 would be to find a good an available babysitter.  There were a couple of other items on the list that ended up taking precedence over the babysitter (like the grocery store and the gas station), but not many.  Now that we've come to the end (I hope) of many months of dwelling in the logistics of new baby, new job, new city and new house, we've been making up for lost time by getting out on our own for some dates.

For our anniversary, Matt surprised me with an aerial tour of the San Francisco Bay. 

Not surprisingly, I was a little nervous once I figured out what we would be doing. I irrationally became even more nervous when I saw that our pilot was wearing braces on his teeth.  (I'm sorry, but they just scream "I'm really working hard in pre-Algebra this year" to me.)  I relaxed a little when he told me that he had spent eight years in the Peruvian air force and had been flying for about twenty years. Then I became nervous again when, before takeoff, he asked for our help in "watching out for other planes in the sky."  He barked some important sounding code commands into his radio: I relaxed.  I noticed the "low fuel levels" light flickering on and off: nervous again. 

Finally, once we got up in the sky, I loosened up and really enjoyed the experience.


This guy doesn't seem to get nervous.

It was quite an outing and a fantastic introduction to the Bay area.


A few weeks later, I planned a day of wine tasting in Napa to celebrate Matt's birthday. ( maybe each of us was motivated by just a hint of self interest. cough airplanerideforme cough winetastingforMatt cough)

I decided that as long as we were in for a penny, we might as well be in for a pound, so I found someone to drive our car for us all day. I wasn't sure if the expense was going to be worth it, but... most definitely was! We visited four different wineries and tasted a few different wines at each. It felt like a mini vacation in a day.


We can't wait to see what else Northern California has to offer. But, I promise that in the meantime, I'll return to our regularly scheduled programming of squishy baby photos and funny Alice stories.

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  1. Your posts make me want to move to Cali and live near you guys so the little girls can play at stanford together and the adults can all drink wine. LOVE it all!!!