Friday, December 7, 2012

Daddy's Girl

This girl can't get enough of her dad these days.

She talks about him all day long.

She saved half her cupcake from a birthday party the other day to share with him after work.

Every time she makes an art project, she holds it up proudly and says that it's for Daddy.


She is the perfect audience for his goofy antics, and I think he is grateful to have another person around who appreciates his silliness. We have a family schtick, usually carried out at the dinner table, that goes something like this:
Matt says something outlandish to Alice like, "Here is some delicious brussels sprout ice cream" [as he hands her a bowl of vanilla ice cream].
Alice looks at me, I look at her, and we both slowly shake our heads, roll our eyes, and adopt looks on our faces that say "Can you believe this guy?"

Then we all laugh. 

Alice had been asking a lot of questions about Matt's work, so one Saturday, when he had to swing by the office to pick up his laptop charger, he brought Alice along to check it out.

According to Matt, she walked in, took a look around, and exclaimed, "It's ama-a-a-zing!"

Later that week, I spent a whole car trip across town with Alice playing Name all the Things in Dad's Office. In case you ever want to play, it goes like this:

Me: Were there any computers?
Alice: Yes.
Me: Were there any windows?
Alice: Um, yes.
Me; Were there any pencils?
Alice: No.

And so on and so on.

She likes to pretend that we're part of the television show Dora the Explorer, and assigns us each a character from the show to play.

It inevitably starts with, "I'll be Dora [the adventurous and bilingual heroine]!"

And continues, "Daddy, you be Boots [a spunky little monkey, Dora's best friend]."

And ends, "Mommy, you can be Backpack [pretty much what you're imagining: a backpack Dora carries her stuff in]."

Not the most glamorous role, but better than Swiper the Fox who steals everything, I guess.  

Like I said, Alice loves her Daddy.

And I think the feeling is mutual.


  1. Beautiful post Mary!!! Precious!

  2. Oh my!!! What can possibly be said about these photos, the write-up and the video?!?! Wow! How much more adorable can this family be? And Mary, technically, the Backpack is really a foundational character. I would be very proud to be assigned that role; Matt also was well-cast.