Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good Day

Some days are just good days for no particular reason.

This day started with my baby girl perched in her favorite spot, enjoying the sunshine that we were missing yesterday.

We attended our first Music Together class where we banged on percussion and sang "Jimmy Crack Corn" (not the Eminem/50 Cent version, in case you were wondering) and had a free-dance session to a little Kool and the Gang. 

And speaking of Kool, I'm pretty sure that if I Photoshopped a Harley over her Schwinn and a leather bomber jacket over her pink puffer coat, this photo would be perfect. Can't you just hear her saying "Hop on back.  We're ditching sixth period and heading to the race track"?


We rode up and down the street with her feet dangling and getting smacked by the pedals every time they came around.  She didn't mind one bit.

I cracked open the paints I had bought a few weeks ago and pulled out the most generously cut bib we own, and Alice went to town painting.  According to her, every color of paint in the set is "yellow" (with prominent tongue protrusion on the "ll" portion of the word), except for one color, which is "boo," naturally.

It got messy.


We lingered over bath time tonight, partly to be sure that every bit of paint had been washed away, but mostly because there were shapes to draw on the tub with the tub crayons that she got for Christmas, and targets to hit with streams of water squeezed from the mouths of blowfish bath toys, and shampoo bubbles to be blown and popped.

These things take time, you know.

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