Friday, July 15, 2011

Mornings at the Park

Ever since summer hit, Alice and I have been walking Matt to the bus in the morning, and then heading to the park to work in an early morning visit. 

It's not as hot and sticky when the sun's not so high in the sky.

The gazillion kids that show up at 10am are still eating their Cheerios.

So Alice can run around without fear of getting knocked down or getting in the way of the bigger kids.

She can surf on the slide.

And crawl on the bridge.

And linger all she wants at the bottom of the stairs.

And all that running around has helped us hang on for just a few more weeks to the morning nap, which I suspect would otherwise have gone the way of the third nap, the toothless grin, the itty-bitty onesies, the bald patch on the back of her head, and the late-night cry fests (good riddance to those).

I guess my baby's not such a baby anymore, is she?


  1. What a "big girl" she is!! Love the photos! Grammy and Grampy

  2. She's grown up so much! And is already a better surfer than I am!