Friday, June 24, 2011

Manhattan Beach!

After San Francisco, Alice and I said goodbye to Matt (relax! not forever! just for a week or so!) and headed down to Manhattan Beach to visit Vola and Jason. 

The baby pool filled with balls that was waiting for Alice when we got there was a huge hit.

Vola and Jason will be finding colorful plastic balls around their house for many months to come.

After being cooped up in a hotel room for a few days, Alice seemed eager to stretch out her legs and get back to working on her walking skills.

Not without a few hiccups, of course.

Although all the locals were lamenting the "June Gloom" weather, Alice and I (and my pale skin) didn't mind the cloudy weather one bit.  We loved sitting in the beautiful yard out back.

We hit the farmers market, walked up and down The Strand, strolled along the canals of Venice Beach, and made daily crack-of-dawn visits to Starbucks and the one restaurant within walking distance open before 7am.

And, we even made it to the beach a few times.


But, do you know what the best part of the trip was?

Hanging out with these two, of course!*

* No, Vola and Jason aren't into "prison chic" decor for their home or wearing earphones as accessories.  This photo is from our visit to Alcatraz, but I didn't get one of the two of them in Manhattan Beach, so this will have to do. And, for the record, as I was taking this photo, I told them to look frightened. Or villainous. Or hardened by many years spent behind bars.  Or something else that I can't remember exactly, but that explains Vola's expression. And Vola's explains Jason's.

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