Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Brunch

This morning, Alice had a hankering for something new and different.  "Enough milk!" she announced.  "No more steamed carrots!" she declared.  "I have a tooth nub now and I demand to be taken seriously. I want to eat something that will tempt my palette and tickle my taste buds!"  Always eager to oblige her every whim, Matt and I decided that Sunday brunch was in order.

First, we had to get through the obligatory bundling up and strapping in: a great inconvenience for Alice, as this ritual was standing between her and a good meal.  Nonetheless, she was very accommodating.

Once we had parked, we further prolonged her wait by taking a little stroll.  Alice continued to be a very good sport, indulging Matt with a few chuckles while he made horse noises.

And then, at long last, settled into her high chair, Alice was ready to feast.

"So now, Mom and Dad, with an open heart and an empty stomach, I say unto you in the words of somebody's uncle: 'Allez cuisine!'"

A baby of the people, she wanted to start with something simple and straightforward. Thus, for her first course: linoleum-topped table.

"I find that the simplest preparations are always the most delicious."

Next, Alice wanted something with a sharper, edgier flavor.  She went with the menu corner, which had been highly recommended to her by a fellow chowhound.

For her third course, Alice sampled the restaurant's take on an old standby: single serving package of Smucker's Jelly.

She tried both the mixed berry...

... and the orange.

At this point, the waitress had recognized Alice for the true foodie that she is, so she brought out a rare delicacy reserved for the restaurant's most sophisticated patrons: cup of Montgomery County water, punctuated with a drinking straw, courtesy of the chef.
"Uninspired and safe. Tastes like every other straw I've ever had. What's next?"

What a shame that it was not better executed.

And then, just when we thought that Alice was slowing down, that she could not possibly sample another dish, out came the pièce de résistance: aluminum spoon.

She took the time to really study it.

"One eats first with one's eyes, you know."

Then she dug right in.

And, finding the spoon to be up to her standards...

...she finished her meal with gusto.

And so, having feasted heartily, Alice left the restaurant satisfied.  She also left the restaurant with one menu, two jelly packages, a straw, and a spoon littering the ground around her high chair. 

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Matt and I split the pancakes.


  1. This is by far the most epic adventure Alice has had so far. Love it. Keep it coming!

  2. Jeff's right -- Alice has become so adventurous! She should sign up for an episode of Man vs. Food or something!